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Made by clinicians for clinicians

We are a team of speech and language therapists and engineers, driven by a shared mission to improve access to speech and language therapy services.


Clare Meskill

Telea CEO & CORU Registered Speech and Language Therapist

We have designed Telea for you.

As a speech and language therapist, I experienced first-hand the challenges of working with clients with Parkinson’s disease in a demanding clinical setting.

I saw the impact on clinicians and management, and felt the need to do something about it.

I knew that technology built with clinicians and clients needs at heart would make a difference.

We are only at the beginning of our journey and look forward to making a difference together.

Telea’s Journey


We founded Telea in 2020 to improve access to speech and language therapy services, beginning with people with Parkinson’s disease.

Piloted client app

We built and piloted our client app in partnership with branches of the Parkinson’s Association of Ireland.

Our pilot demonstrated clients were willing and able to use the app and had early positive indications of patient improvement.

Launched clinician platform with NHS & HSE

Next, we built our clinician platform to manage and analyse client intervention. We launched pilots within the NHS & HSE (UK and the Ireland’s national health services, respectively).

We co-designed the platform with these speech and language therapists and researched the impact Telea had on their services.

Compliance & Security

We take our responsibility to safeguard the data of our customers very seriously. We have achieved medical device status in the EU, US & UK and we are GDPR & HIPAA compliant.

Telea, now

The Telea platform is now integrated as part of the service delivery model for speech and language therapy clinics in the NHS and HSE as well as private hospitals in Ireland, the UK and the US.

Vision for the future

Our aim is to get Telea in the hands of as many clinicians and service users as possible. We help clinicians do more with less and improve client outcomes.

We are expanding beyond Parkinson’s disease to be in a position to service any adult with speech and language therapy needs. First steps are expanding beyond hypokinetic dysarthria to aphasia, dysarthria, cognitive communication and voice.