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Research is at our core

At Telea, research lies at the heart of our mission. Collaborating with clinicians and clients, our dedicated research team integrates validated findings, ensuring our platform reflects real-world experiences and cutting-edge knowledge.

This commitment strengthens our services and underscores our unwavering dedication to providing the most effective and innovative solutions for speech therapy.


Leading the way

Our research team

Our in-house team of speech and language therapists researches the latest and most effective interventions. The team studies and publishes data on our solution’s effectiveness.


Measuring our impact

Our work with clinicians

We work with speech and language therapists to collaborate on designing new features & to measure the impact Telea has on their service.

See how we helped the HSE reduce waiting lists by 89% →
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Continuous improvement

Our work with clients

Our speech therapy team provides therapy directly to a number of clients to gather feedback on new features for usability before releasing them to our customers.

See how clients in their 80s and 90s have succeeded using Telea →

Our Research

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