Seamlessly integrating with your care pathways

How Telea works

Clinicians assign their intervention to clients

Clients are guided through their exercises with real-time feedback

Results are continuously fed back to clinicians

Clinicians remotely monitor, assess and adjust the intervention as needed

Access to care

Our platform empowers clinicians to focus on delivering quality care while enhancing overall productivity.

Remote monitoring
Telea reduces face-to-face appointments and unlocks clinician’s time. This allows for increased caseloads and shortened client wait times.
Session planning and templates
Build shared resources across your clinic. Plan and create program templates so you can automate admin tasks and assign home intervention in just a few clicks
Home practice
By analyzing client progress within the platform, clinicians can lower review time in appointments. This allows for targeting more in therapy sessions and ensuring a more holistic service.

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Clinical management

The Telea platform enables clinicians to assign tailored intervention to clients. Clinicians can closely monitor progress & administer assessments to measure outcomes.

Tailored intervention
Start with a template, and customise assigned exercises to the client’s abilities and requirements.
Highlight clients in need
Automatically show which clients require attention without manual reviews.
Administer assessments in a few clicks and measure outcomes over time.
Appropriate dosage
Choose your client’s practice schedule, send automatic reminders and track adherence over time.

Learn how Telea helps with access to care

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Improved client practice

Clients benefit from real-time feedback during home practice, enhancing the quality of their exercises. Reminders and clinician communication boost practice frequency, boosting client’s autonomy in their care.

Interactive exercises
Clients are guided through their assigned exercises, receiving real-time feedback, with all progress fed back to their clinician.
Increase client adherence
Send personalised push notifications to clients reminding them to practice. Keep reminding them until they reach their target.
Improved communication
Leave notes for clients in their app to remind them of strategies to be implemented, carryover activities, appointments, or whatever you need.

Learn how Telea helps with access to care

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Revolutionary experience...never experienced anything like it and it really enhanced our efficiency

Speech and Language Therapist, HSE

How we work together:

Tailored implementation

Our clinical success team partners with clinicians & management to map out the current service. We identify your pain points and create a success plan together.

Easy onboarding

Our platform is designed to easily integrate with your team’s existing workflows. All that’s needed is some guidance and training to maximise results.

Proactive support

Our clinical success team continually monitors the agreed success metrics and provides support through ongoing check-ins.